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our gift if money is tight...

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Practice with us via Zoom

Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm

Begins again on January 12, 2021

Join us for a gentle, grounding yoga practice. Absolutely no yoga experience needed. Yoga is followed by a deeply healing Yoga Nidra (guided meditation done lying down in Shavasana) and a time of inquiry journalling and conversation... Every Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm. Classes begin on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Investment    ~    Our gift to the community during COVID

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Or for a deeper dive with us...

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Workshop offered via Zoom

As we stay safe during these unprecedented times, we will use Zoom to gather in community to gain clarity on our present priorities. We will utilize proven tools that will allow us to get intentional about what truly matters in our lives. The workshop will be followed up with 28 Days of Supported Practice to form healthy, deliberate practices for living a beautiful life... Your Rhythmic Rituals Toolbox which is included in the price of the workshop will be yours to use during the workshop, the 28 days of supported practice following the workshop, and then on your own forever afterward. 


Be Inspired to Live Deliberately - Next Session: 2021 Dates To Be Determined

This WiL²D Gathering is for you if you would like to get clarity on your priorities, gain tools to empower yourself to meet the stresses of the current world in a healthy way, stop feeling like your to-do list is running you, stop feeling overwhelmed or stuck, or ​are healing from a crisis, relationship, grief, habit, divorce, or anything else reconnect to your Self. 

Join our growing community of like-minded women

who are curious about how to cultivate practices that will deeply empower their lives


Take a break from your daily routine and come experience something totally deliberate. Terry-Lynn and Lori have created a space and experience for women to gather together (apart, thanks to Zoom) to gain clarity, get grounded, and be deliberate. These offerings are for every woman. We have saved a space for you. 




We believe that “…each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more…”

  • Prior to the workshop, your Rhythmic Rituals Tool Box will be delivered to you. The Rhythmic Rituals Tool Box has been (joyfully) custom-curated by Lori & Terry-Lynn, based on what has been working powerfully in their own lives of living life with intention. Inside, you will find all of the tools you will be using during the workshop, and for the following 28 days, to live your life deliberately in alignment with your priorities and values... 

  • We will gather together, in circle (virtually), to begin the journey... We will arrive with a gentle grounding yoga practice (absolutely no yoga experience necessary), followed by a guided inquiry writing process, and a  guided Yoga Nidra meditation. Gathering women in circle results in a powerful start…

  • 28 Days of Email Inspiration, written by both Lori & Terry-Lynn, designed to keep the fire of motivation burning brightly, the connection between us strong, and to remind us of the commitment to these life-transforming practices…

  • A Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation created and sent to your phone to support your journey…


We want to ensure that money is not a barrier to our gatherings so we have created a pay what you can (PWYC) program... Want to learn a bit more about it? Find out below...



What is Pay What You Can?

We are offering the Rhythmic Rituals Gatherings on a Pay What You Can (PWYC) basis for a variety of reasons. Often offerings like these are out of reach if paying full market value is required. We want all women to be able to attend including single moms, women who are broke at the moment, artists, other yoga teachers, women living with mental illness, students. Everyone. We support and make space for everyone. For some, taking this time out of their lives is a risk. Will it be worth my time? Will it be a waste of my very hard-earned money? Will I feel that I received good value?  For these and many other reasons, we offer choices of payment plans...

There are three ways you can pay:

Option #1: Pay in Full at Market Value: We offer this only because pay-what-you-can makes some people deeply uneasy and they would rather just have it all settled before the workshop gets started. If that’s the case, you can pay the market value of $197 upfront.

Option #2: Payment Plan for Market Value: Again, we’d rather you do PWYC but, if that feels uncomfortable to you, another option is to make four payments of $50 over a schedule of your choice within one year, with the first payment made by the end of the workshop.

Option #3: PWYC: This is how we invite you to pay. This means that you will e-transfer a $25 deposit to confirm your spot. This deposit is refundable up until two weeks before the gathering. At the end of the gathering, in the last 15 minutes, as we wrap, you can pay whatever you want to pay on top of that, whatever you are able. Whatever you pay is perfect. There’s no minimum. There’s no maximum. There can also be an option of work-trade on the farm - chat with Terry-Lynn about that option if it interests you!

*To be very clear: this is a legitimate PWYC deal. We want this to be accessible and sustainable for you. We want you to feel that you received EXCELLENT value for you money. 


"Super comfy with yoga mats etc. You work very well together!"


"Loved the space. So peaceful. So beautiful and calming. Loved the meditation and the yoga practice. Loved the thought provoking writing practice. I hope we can do more of these!"


"So very thoughtful, beautiful and cozy space. Loved the whole thing and your personal stories woven through. Thank you!"

Yoga on Deck

"You are both shining examples of living life deliberately. I love that each of these daily writings have a message, a deliberate communication and not just yammering on to fill the page. I’m so very, very fortunate to have your wisdom and this community. Keep on shining your light my beauties….."

Lisa (40 Days of WiL²D Participant)

I came to Wild in response to the niggling inner voice that I sense to be a truer me. I want to pay deeper attention to this true self. With the courage and passion to teach, Terry Lynn and Lori provide a myriad of experiences (both right and left brained) that gave me words, ways, community to explore and receive this inner mystery of “Who am I?”

Maureen (40 Days of WiL²D

The gathering was beautiful. The space was so thoughtfully prepared. The yoga was accessible and restoring. The meditation deeply restful. Thank you for this time and space. I am grateful to have participated.

Lynn (40 Days of WiL²D Participant)

"I appreciated the time-line and the way this session flowed. It was a beautiful mix of yoga, clearing and meditation. I absolutely love my journal and the intention to continue these practices for 40 days with daily email support from both of you. Please continue to gather us!"

40 Days of Practice Particpant

"Super comfy with yoga mats etc. You work very well together!"