We have been profoundly impacted by developing a meditation practice. There are mountains of research to support the power of this practice. It can be incredibly difficult to access a daily seated meditation practice. Enter Yoga Nidra, an ancient sleep based meditation done lying down comfortably with an eye pillow, blanket and any other props to assist us to get super cozy. This practice is perfect for beginning meditators or experienced practitioners alike.

We are super happy to offer two meditations for free:

Summer Solstice 

If you are looking to connect with the summer season in a deeper way, check out our Summer Solstice recording. We createded this Yoga Nidra for our Summer Solstice event and want to make it available for anyone who could not attend.

Sober Curious

We created this Yoga Nidra recording for the women of Karis Society to support the workshop we taught there. It is for anyone who would like to release a limiting habit or behaviour in their life and to live more deliberately. We believe we are all recovering from something...


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