Let us paint the picture for you...

On Saturday afternoon you will easily leave your busy day behind as you enter into the beautiful, natural setting of No Harm Farm, located in North Glenmore. As you enter the adorable yoga studio set under the protective willow tree and beside the herb gardens, you will be welcomed by this sacred space, naturally lit by windows that look out onto the gardens. Beeswax candles burn on the altar in the centre of this intimate space, inviting you in. The healing scent of all-natural essential oils, specially chosen and blended to help you arrive and relax, will greet your senses... You feel your shoulders come down. You will choose a spot that has been carefully prepared just for you, curated to ensure your comfort... a yoga mat, a blanket, props, and most importantly, your gift box of goodies to use this afternoon and for the next 28 days as we continue the work at home.  Settle in with a cup of herbal tea made lovingly from plants grown on-site, as other women - looking to decompress, just like you - begin to arrive, take their place in the circle, and begin to exhale. The chatting begins softly, as it always does, and new connections are created. The birds, too, join the chatter in the trees, just outside the windows. 

Your WiL²D facilitators (Lori and Terry-Lynn) join the circle after each of you has chosen her place and settled in. They are so excited to welcome each of you into their ever-expanding circle of WiL²D Women, and as they open the circle, the session begins. “Over the next four hours we will arrive here in body, mind, heart and soul… We will learn together, relax together, and connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the rhythms of nature… Your job was to show up and you have done just that. Our job is to ensure that you leave inspired, refreshed, clear, and empowered to live your next 28 days- and beyond-  deliberately.” 

A one-minute introduction to you as we go around our new circle… who are you, and perhaps a word or two describing how you are feeling in this moment. Relief is sensed as you realize that there are no awkward ice-breakers and that everything already feels easy and natural. Phew!

Lori and Terry-Lynn share their own stories and you feel as though you’ve known these women your whole life. You begin to feel at ease as you see where your journeys and experiences are shared. You are surprised to hear parts of your own heart being expressed in theirs. You feel relaxed knowing that they are NOT “experts” with all of the answers, but rather shoulder to shoulder on this journey with you. Already, a deep sense of connection starts to build within this little circle.

Next up, Lori and Terry-Lynn will gently guide you through an intention-setting process, allowing you to get clear and powerfully focus on what you want to prioritize over the 28 Days of Practice that will follow our gathering. Some guided inquiry writing in your WiL²D Journal will set your path- for your eyes only, of course. You are not required to share anything you write - that is your own journey and we commit to making this a safe space for you to do your own personal work.

A break...a wander through the gardens and the food forest perhaps. Maybe a little quiet time on a blanket on the grass, taking in the resident chickens who might be free-ranging outdoors. Quiet contemplation...  A chat getting to know a new friend is most likely what will happen… connection - to you, to another, to nature. More beautiful tea to enjoy, harvested, and blended especially for you from the gardens that surround you now...

We’ll gather once again on our mats in the yoga studio. Beautiful music plays in the background as we begin a gentle yoga practice. As we begin to move our bodies, all of your thoughts about not being flexible enough, not having really done yoga before... begin to dissipate.  This yoga is designed solely to ground and relax the nervous system. No headstands. No twisting legs overhead while balancing on one hand. This practice is beautifully calming... and deeply restorative. You didn’t know this kind of yoga was a thing… Maybe yoga is your thing after all… As we arrive at the end of the yoga practice, we are invited to get comfortable… really comfortable.  Lying down, using props and eye pillows and blankets… we relax and settle in. Get comfy and get cozy. Nothing to do but breathe deeply here, and just let go… listen to Lori and Terry-Lynn’s voices as they guide you through an ancient and powerful guided relaxation practice, incorporating the inquiry writing work done earlier in your journal. You float away, never so relaxed, never so aware, as the music plays and the voices guide, the candlelight dances, and the essential oils heal. Please don’t let this end… 

You cannot believe that we are nearing the end of our gathering. How is it possible that it is nearly six o’clock? Where has the afternoon gone? Wow. The clarity. The inspiration. The deep restoration. Lori and Terry-Lynn explain how easy it is to experience a “lift” during a gathering such as this, and yet so hard to maintain once we leave and return to our day to day lives. They explain how each of us, now,  will carry the ritual - all materials in your gift box, the practices, and the inspiration off of our mats and into our lives for the next 28 days - together - in our own lives. They outline how each page of the journal has been carefully crafted to peel off the layers of toxic thinking and to inspire us to remember our priorities, our clarity from this glorious afternoon. You shall be heading home with your own Journal and ritual goodies to carry on the work… The guided meditation that we’ve just experienced is sent directly to your phone, allowing you to listen daily for the next 28 days. Each morning for the next 28 days, you will receive an inspirational, supportive email to help you to stay focussed and empowered to engage with these beautiful practices… You are now able to repeat this intimate gathering at home on your own, knowing that each woman around this powerful circle will be doing the same with you for the next 28 days. Amazing. Reconnecting to YOU, to what YOU need, daily for the next 28 days, will absolutely result in living your life deliberately…in living WiL²D.

You decided to attend on the pay-what-you-can basis and you’re nervous that what you’re paying isn’t enough. You’d like to give more - but you’re reassured that whatever you pay is perfect. And you understand that Lori and Terry-Lynn really mean that. You place your payment in an envelope and put it in the basket at the door of the studio and begin to gather your things. After good-byes and laughs, you make your way home. You are so excited to continue this work tomorrow morning and for the next 28 Days knowing that all of these badass women will be doing the practices daily with you - including Lori and Terry-Lynn. 

What a beautiful day!

What a beautiful community! You are so glad you did this for YOU :) And each woman is so very grateful that you, too,  are part of this circle...

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