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Living life in alignment with our priorities is not an easy proposition in our fast-paced, often frantically busy culture - especially for women who are often caring for kids, parents, pets, and the list goes on.  


For this series of podcast conversations expect to hear how Lori (teacher, single mom, writer) and Terry-Lynn (also teacher, permaculturist, writer, mom) have worked to get clear on their own priorities and engage in a variety of daily practices to ensure that they are living their lives deliberately by focussing on what truly matters FIRST and not later or tomorrow or on the weekend….Their mission is to ensure that those priorities are given the attention/presence they need to thrive and guide their decisions and actions so that at the end of their days they will have done what they came here to do… 


If you are a woman who recognizes that she is merely surviving the demands of daily life and not living in a way that makes room for her deepest desires, dreams and priorities to thrive – or even knows what those are – and would like to hear how we have begun to do so or you just want to have coffee with a couple of women who LOVE to talk about these kinds of things,  tune in and join.