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Finding our way in 2021 together!

As 2020 winds itself to a close, I find myself feeling reflective, as I'm sure you all are. It's been quite a year, to be sure. Could we ever have imagined any of it 365 short days ago?! I was on a plane bound for Mexico, full of gratitude and excitement for the seven days laid out in front of me, the people I was surrounded by, and some time to relax and regroup after the wonderful frenzy of Christmas, and before the end of semester chaos that is January in the teaching world. With 2020 just moments away, I was looking forward to time spent with family and friends, our seasonal WIL²D Gatherings, more connection, and growing our community of women choosing to live their lives more deliberately. Some of this happened, of course, and much did not. Some shape-shifted, some had to be left behind, and some morphed into completely different creations that had not even entered our consciousness prior to 2020. Such seemed to be the flavour of 2020... as we were made to "go with the flow" a bit more, forced to rethink the way things have always been done, and to recreate ourselves in a sense.

There was much loss, much grief, and certainly much chaos this past year. The state of panic felt throughout our world was real, the very uncomfortable feelings of uncertainties and unknowns rippled across the globe. Yet, with all of these feelings, also came beauty, connection, and new ways of being, of living, and of working in our world. The world came to a literal halt, and skies not seen for decades opened up vast and wide. With the panic, I believe, also came a sort of trust. A trust in the bigger picture, in the unfolding of life not yet understood or completely perceptible, yet for us, nonetheless.

Reflection, Ritual, Contemplation = Being THEN Doing

Before turning the proverbial page of the new chapter that will be 2021, of all years, it is imperative that we first process and take some time to grieve the loss felt in our lives this year, celebrate all of the beauty experienced, the lessons learned, and the clarity gained from 2020, and then, and only then, it will be time to turn to that beautiful blank page, and the possibility and hope that it brings to our lives.

Deliberately reflecting on lessons we learned in this past year that we will be taking forward and what we will be shedding is a powerful practice in the early days of the New Year. Consideration of what were our highs, and what were our lows offer a map of where we are so we can see where we want to go. If you have a chance, gift yourself some time over the next few days to engage with (and perhaps write about) this year ending and a new year beginning reflection. Doing so ushers in clarity. As I reflect today, on this past calendar year, I can honestly say that as difficult as 2020 was in so many ways in my own life, I gained a new perspective, a new lens, a new skill set that I never would have otherwise learned... a new way to teach, to work, and to connect... many gifts were among the difficulties. I celebrate this, and will definitely be bringing these gifts forward with me into 2021.

With the turning of the new year, we get a reset, a refresh, a clean slate! A time to dream and create what we wish to call into that new year. So, as we look forward to 2021, and we turn that proverbial blank page, what are we wishing for in this next year? And can we INTENTIONALLY call this in? Intentions serve as our guiding stars as we create our lives… looking forward, it is helpful to start with the end in mind. At the end of 2021, who do you wish to be and how do you wish to be living your life? How do you wish to be FEELing? How do you wish to be participating – showing up - in the various areas of your life?

Here at WIL²D, we will be hosting an Intention Setting Gathering this Saturday, January 2nd at 11 am. If this calls to you, join us as we Clear Out 2020 to Call In 2021!

Please RSVP: so that we can send you your Intention-Setting Resources PDF

Cost is $21

E-transfer payment to or if money is tight, please be our guest.

Zoom Link for Saturday:

Topic: Clearing Out for Calling In

Time: Jan 2, 2021 11:00 AM Vancouver

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Meeting ID: 882 3623 8927

Passcode: 627466

We hope to see you there!

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