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Flower Full Moon Tonight & Considering Joy...

Tonight we will see the Flower Full Moon which will also be one of three super-moons in 2020. We love to pause and reflect each month deliberately, and the moon reminds us that the monthly check-in is here once again. Some questions we have been pondering are what is blooming in my life presently and is it possible for me to find a way to bloom wherever I find myself planted at this moment in time? We have noticed that things have been shifting during this slow down and at first it was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, uneasy... And then we voiced these shifts to one another and decided to look deeper.

What makes me happy (the real question under where am I blooming)? The question is not asking about those things that are "supposed" to make me happy or those things that I "should" be happy about. Instead it wants to know what are the things that truly make me lose all track of time. We have spent some time with this in our journals. Heck, we even got some paints and glue out on this one!

The creative process we engaged with is not original with us. It comes from Julia Cameron's (author of the Artist's Way) writings. The project took on a life of its own and wound up directly relating to the Full Flower Moon. Here are her directions:

"Set aside one full hour. Draw yourself a hot bath. Add bubbles. Light a few candles, perhaps a stick of incense. Cue up some beloved music, get in the steamy bath, and simply soak. Let your thoughts float like bubbles. Let them slip and drift, then, gently and consciously turn to listing things that make you happy. Towel off. Race to the page. Number from one to fifty. List fifty things that make you happy.

1. Motown

2. The Evening Star

3. Godiva Chocolate

4. The Beatles

5. A good sunset

6. Horses

7. Neruda Poetry

8. Cinnamon Ice Cream

9. New York Pizza

10. Running

11. Etc.

Happiness is not only a mood. It is a decision. Writing our list of fifty happinesses causes us to see how simple some forms of joy are, how we can make ourselves happy in simple ways - read the Neruda Poetry, eat the ice cream, take time to check out the sunsets. Happiness lists are also an effective deterrent for situational depression (pandemics included). When the blues set in, the simple act of listing joys can help elicit some..."

We began this task in our journals. We made our lists from 1 - 100 (keeners). And then wanting to continue the work, we took it a little further and made it into a living art project.

Our lists became "joy flowers" just in time for the Full Flower Super-Moon. Of course. A friend mentioned that some petals will naturally fall away as other petals are added. And that is okay. Our job is to notice the things that expand and add beauty and joy to our lives and to allow those things that no longer do - even if they once did - to fall away.

What makes you happy? Maybe you want to create your own list or even better, make some art. None of it needs to be pretty - it is all about the process. The process lifts the heart. We each find a way to our answers and no way is right or wrong. Just our way. Trust. What better time to consider your joy than on the Flower Full Moon?!

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