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Full Moon Musings . . .

Updated: Oct 21

There is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice and prayer for forgiveness called the Ho'oponopono. It can be used anytime a place in your life presents itself for healing. It works by first identifying this place - the person, the situation, the memory, the feeling - and then, by opening your heart up to this place, where the hurt resides within you. And, with as much feeling as you can, it goes like this:

I'm sorry. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you. This is a beautiful place to start any release, of resentment, of negativity we are holding towards others, or ourselves. It is a powerful way to cleanse the body of guilt, shame, hurtful memories, ill will, and bad feelings or resentments that keep our mind fixated on those negative thoughts - in that obsessive deeply-grooved mind loop that gets us nowhere.

Enter the Full Moon.

This past Wednesday night, She was at her fullest potential. I hope that you have had the opportunity to be her witness these past few nights... She has been magical. This is a most auspicious time for releasing that which is no longer serving us, that which is showing up to be released, so as to move forward with more clarity, and space. What is no longer ours to carry? It is time to let go, to untether that which keeps us burdened. The Full Moon is the most opportune time for these endings, and with all endings come new beginnings.

So, if you can, carve out some time just for YOU tonight, under the light of the Full Moon - she is still very full even a few days later. Perhaps, you'll light a candle, brew some tea, draw a luxurious bath, and put on some beautiful meditative music. Have your journal and pen close at hand, and perhaps you'd consider this prayer as guidance for what needs to be released. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, inhale... exhale, and softly recite: I'm sorry I forgive you Thank you I love you Watch whom and what comes to the surface. Pick up your pen, and write... let the words flow from you. Release, feel, sense the untethering... let emotions flow as they may, as they too are cleansing, healing. And then, feel, sense the freedom and the buoyancy and the lightness of your beautiful, sacred heart.

Invite in the bold & bright light of the full moon to illuminate that which does not serve you any longer and LET IT GO

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