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International Women's Day

Greetings from WILD on International Women’s Day. We painted this braid in honour of today to symbolize an interweaving of three strands. These three strands overlap and merge with each other, build upon one another, and come together to form a beautiful whole – a whole that is stronger than its individual strands. There is no real beginning, and no real ending to our lives. As we are all one. We enter this world with the strength and the wisdom of our mothers and our grandmothers, and the long line of women that have come before. And when we leave, we leave behind our wisdom, our strength and our courage, living on in the DNA of our daughters and our granddaughters. Strength passed down through the generations that will follow. An unbreakable weave, this braid forms, of three beautiful strands of past, present, and future. Each forging the path for the next.

Today we pause to remember the women in our own lineages who came before us and who, as a result of the eras they lived, did not enjoy near the freedom or equality that we do today. And yet, they persevered and left their indelible mark on our lives. Their strides were not in vain, as it is with them that we find the first strand of our braid: our grandmothers, our ancestors, our sisters from the past who live on within us and in the earth beneath our feet, rising up through our soles (souls)…

The second strand of the braid is ours. It recognizes and honours our own generation's experience… the struggles of growing up female during this era. While we are so very grateful for our freedom, we also bravely remember the countless times we have not experienced equality even here, even now. And yet, we have a voice. And, we hold a powerful vision – a world where the feminine is honoured and equal, where all women – all people – have a voice.

The third strand of this braid honours our daughters, our granddaughters, and all of the future female generations to come… in the vision we hold for them, all are equal, all are valued, all have a voice. We look to our daughters, and beyond, aware of how our actions today matter to those who will continue to forge the path walked by our grandmothers' grandmothers.

We are experiencing a world, today, wildly out of balance - a world on fire with struggle, with war, with illness and with violence… Could it be that the feminine has been absent, under-valued for centuries, and that what we need is to remember that we are all woven together? That we are all connected, and that there is no such thing as a “better” gender, race, religion? We are ALL one. And when the day comes that we can all agree on that, act on that, honour that, we believe that we will experience a kind of healing on earth that no mind could have dreamt up.

This is the vision that we hold for our granddaughters… for the future of all women and men and girls and boys - and we commit to doing what we can, from where we are, with what we have. Small actions = big impact.  We will use our voices for those who do not have a voice, yet. We will hold strong to our vision of the day when all voices will be heard, and valued.

To all the amazing women in our lives: we LOVE you, we CELEBRATE you, we STAND with you, we are INSPIRED by you.


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