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Lunar Invitations

The Moon as a Loyal Companion Through Life...

We have noticed that the current events unfolding in the world can have a dizzying effect on the psyche. In an effort to steady ourselves during these tumultuous times, we have been taking a deep dive learning about, and connecting with, the phases of the moon. We have discovered bottomless wisdom that has settled our hearts and stirred an ancient remembering within our souls.

Farmers have planned their food crops around what phase the moon is in for as long as humans have been growing their own food. A new moon is a time to plant seeds. The waxing moon marks a time to set intentions and take action. A full moon is a time to gather the harvest - the fruit of our labour. The waning moon, a time to reassess and evaluate what has been working and what needs to be let go. And on and on it goes in a never-ending spiral of companionship of the oldest kind.

Folks have gathered beneath the moon in community since the beginning of time. She has been the recipient of many prayers, wishes, lamentations. She calls us to remember an ancient way of tapping into Her wisdom, as it must have called to our ancestors in generations previous.

She hangs in the sky night after night offering her luminosity as an opportunity to pause, exhale, and contemplate our rightful place in the grand cosmos. We are right-sized when we stand beneath her in reverence for life - all life - and pause to contemplate the beauty that surrounds us with gratitude and appreciation.

She is a constant reminder to draw our attention inward. She encourages us to articulate our intentions as we behold her patient presence in the evening sky, night after night. A constant reminder to keep our soul’s whisperings bathed in both attention and intention. And then we find ourselves walking toward our most authentic Self, with Her as an ancient and so very loyal companion.

Attending to nature in this way results in a calming permission slip to feel how we feel along with an invitation of appropriate action and contemplation, drawing us further inward to know our truest selves intimately. To trust that all is well. When we show up in the world from this place, we live life deliberately, consciously, gratefully. We are made ready to meet times like the ones we find ourselves in with courage and equanimity. Connecting with curiosity to the rhythm of the moon gifts us with a comforting, unchanging consistency no matter what is happening in the world below Her. How calming. How comforting to remember to look up and be reminded that all will be well. She has witnessed so many happenings in our world over the millennia as she takes the main stage in our night skies. She bears witness to ALL unfoldings on this planet.

She has timeless wisdom that we are invited to tap into. She is gentle and the invitation stands forever. It is up to each of us individually to accept her invitation for this kind of ancient companioning, or not.

Each Tuesday evening, we build our yoga and meditation class around the Lunar Phase we are currently experiencing. We intentionally tap into the wisdom of nature with our attention. Join us! This is our gift to our community for a limited time. Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 811 1005 3442

Passcode: 824936

On November 14th, the next New Moon, we will be offering a deeper dive into this type of contemplative living. We will gather via zoom for our Rhythmic Rituals for a WIL²D Life, and equipped with our Lunar Ritual Boxes, we will begin a 29-day journey of connecting deeply to nature in this rich way. With this attention and intention, we find our way to a deeper connection to our Selves. To each other. To the world around us. We have five spaces left. Contact us for more information and to register for your place around our circle at the Rhythmic Rituals Gathering.

Each time women gather together, the world heals a little more... Join us!

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