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New Moon Tonight

Happy New Moon!

Tuning into the phases of the moon is a powerful way to connect with our own inner rhythms. Until about two years ago, I had not paid attention to the phases of the moon other than to admire how beautiful it looked in the night sky... While on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, sleep absolutely eluded me. This was perplexing because I was up very early for meditation, practicing yoga twice a day as well as hiking the beach. I was eating super clean and doing all the healthy things and yet I could not sleep. While experiencing this insomnia, the super blue moon was showing off big time in the night sky. I began to wonder, as I lay under the mosquito net in my bed, moon bathing in it's light, if this full moon had anything to do with my sudden inability to sleep... And so my interest and now love of the phases of the moon was born.

Today marks a new moon. Taking our cue from the sky, it is not a time for action, but for quiet inquiry. It is a time to ask ourselves who do we need to forgive? What do we need to let go? We are so very good at saying, “... I am over that...” and yet very often there is still a grudge or hurt present that we deny. Perhaps it is ourselves we need to forgive. Perhaps it is someone else. Maybe we are resisting a situation out of our control that requires acceptance... The new moon is a time to release what weighs us down so that we can begin to dream about how we would like to move forward. Without the baggage. With a clean slate... It is a time for dreaming, planting seeds, planning, intention setting. In the garden, this part of the growing cycle is called the "fertile void." It appears that nothing is happening, but a very necessary rest for the soil, seeds, plants (and gardeners, growers, farmers) is occurring to become ready to literally spring into growth when it is time for action.

This "fertile void" that we are experiencing right now with the new moon is the perfect time to set intentions. Maybe about how we want to approach the holiday season financially, energetically, socially, emotionally. It is a time to clear out the inner clutter to make ready for a new year, new decade, new directions and dreams. It is a time to brainstorm and jot ideas down in the journal about what our next steps might be on a project, creation, relationship. It is the dreaming time of a plan... Fresh ideas. Nothing to do here. Allow yourself to be pulled toward your destiny by allowing your imagination to set an intention. The best part is it can all be done in the flannel pjs, by the fire with mug of warm sips in hand. In fact, I might argue that this restful approach is the best way to honour the new moon in November. Dream. Plan. Brainstorm. Quietly and inwardly. Restfully. Oh, how wise is Mother Nature! That is exactly what I feel like doing and nothing more... Deliberate dreaming leads to deliberate living...

Here is my tea and now where is my journal? Happy New Moon!

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