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New Year + New Moon + Yoga Tuesdays

It's the New Year, it's a New Moon, and it's our first WiL²D Yoga Tuesday back together! A coincidence? I think not! Let's rein in the magic of this potent energy together!

Have you set an intention for the New Year? A word you're working with perhaps? It's not too late! What is an Intention? It's a desire to BE a certain way, to FEEL a certain way, and then, to make deliberate choices in moving toward that way. If you have not yet set an Intention for 2021, but would still like to, and maybe want a little guidance....DM us, email us, message us… we can help, if you like 😊

How is setting an intention that overarches our year different from the intentions that we set each month? We set an intention for our year in order to feel a certain way… a way that we are not feeling in the present moment, in our present lives. Setting an intention monthly, and using the phases of the moon as guidance, simply offers us an opportunity, a small chunk of time, a month – or maybe 6! – to consciously do something that will lead us closer to the way we wish to be, and the way we wish to feel. We keep our overarching Intention as our guiding star, like a compass, and we use it as our bull's eye as we set our intentions each month.

Our first WiL²D Tuesday Yoga back tomorrow - after having taken a break over the holidays - just happens to fall on the New Moon... of course, it does! As such, let's harness Her energy - collectively - and intentionally gather together tomorrow night. Can you deliberately carve out a beautiful, restorative hour of your evening to care for YOU? Setting up space and a place somewhere that you won't be disrupted for just an hour. Set up your yoga mat (or towel), bring along a journal and a pen (if you wish), and maybe brew a cup of tea. Light a candle perhaps, and settle in to be guided through gentle, restorative yoga practice – no experience necessary! – with some guided inquiry questions that may lead you to set an intention for yourself for this next 29.5 days, or just to indulge in the beautiful practice of yoga, meeting yourself (and your beautiful body) exactly where you are. The gentle movement will prepare us for Yoga Nidra – a beautiful guided meditation that will leave you feeling peaceful, clear, and ready for a deeply restful sleep.

The New Moon is dark, like the Winter. She allows us to be with that darkness a little, to feel our way, to look some of our obstacles – those things/ relationships/ aspects that take us out of flow - in the face, and to enter back into the light, deliberately choosing something different, another way – to Feel, to Be. The darkness of the New Moon offers us a chance, an opportunity each month, to get still, to get quiet with ourselves, to look within, and to determine if there is something out of alignment with the way in which we wish to direct our lives… and change it, if we so desire, to live our lives more deliberately, more intentionally. Is there a dis-Connect? To ourselves? Is there a need to re-Connect? What could I do - choose to do - that would bring me more into alignment – warmer – with what I believe in, with what is most important to me? What must I stop allowing in my life? What must I keep allowing? And what must I start to allow more fully? Those things that will bring me closer, warmer, to the way I wish to Feel in my life. These are the questions we can ask ourselves at any time, but the New Moon offers us that perfect opportunity, each and every month.... a natural reset button that we can use to nudge ourselves more into alignment with our own nature.

Please join us at 6:30 pm Tuesday nights...

WiL²D Yoga Tuesdays are always our gift to you. Just follow the Zoom link here:

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