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Rhythmic Rituals: New Moon

The New Moon offers us a beautiful reset button… a new beginning ~ each and every month. She offers us the opportunity for a check-in perhaps, where we put aside a little time for ourselves to observe where we are living in flow with life, and where we are perhaps getting thrown around time and again by the same obstacles, where our flow may be dammed. In which areas of our life are we finding peace, contentment, flow? And in which places are we running into discomfort, dis-ease, disturbance? We explore where we are living abundantly, and where we perhaps wish to be living our present moments more deliberately, with more clarity, and in alignment with our priorities.

The New Moon allows us a deliberate space each month to shed the old (thoughts, patterns, belief systems, behaviours), not serving our most beautiful life, and invite in the new. It is the time to dream a little – or a lot! Dreaming allows us a view into how we wish to live our lives, how we wish to be in the world, and so very importantly – how we wish to FEEL in this one Wild and Precious life that we are gifted. In this way, as we visualize the way of life that we desire, we are able to see where there may be gaps… where we are already living in this way, and where we most consistently are not. It is into these gaps that we breathe life and love and intention, closing them up ever so deliberately, and bringing us ever closer to living our most beautiful lives, one deliberate decision at a time.

Setting an Intention at the New Moon:

It is a magical ritual to set aside some sacred time for ourselves during New Moon ~ the day of (which was yesterday), or in the next couple of days is perfect. The energy of the New Moon is potent, magnetic… be gentle with yourself during this time, allowing yourself to slow down a little, reflect, and tune within. This allows access to our inner wisdom, and courage for acting on our intention. If available to you, in the next couple of nights, set aside thirty minutes to an hour for yourself. Set up a beautiful space just for you ~ brew yourself a cup of tea, light a candle, bring your journal and your pen. Perhaps a little meditative music. Then, sink in and allow yourself a little dreaming… ask yourself: How do I wish to feel? What do I wish to invite more of into my life? Where do I wish to focus my energy? Close your eyes, or cast them downward, drop out of your mind, and into your heart-centre, and dream… visualize the way you wish to feel, in the present moment – as if you are already FEELING this way. When you have spent some time here, in this introspective state, open your eyes, pick up your journal and your pen, and let it flow… allow what comes to come. Remain optimistic and have faith that your heart-felt intention will come through here, it always does. It could be starting a new project or setting the tone for the month ahead. Whatever it is, write it down, in the present tense... as if it has already come to fruition in your life:

~My Intention: I am ___________________________________

Setting an intention at this time, and in this ritualistic way, allows for us to be in flow with Mother Nature's rhythms. We plant our seed of intention here, in the darkness of the New Moon, then we tend to her ~ daily ~ with love and very deliberate attention. Where our attention goes our energy flows, and we observe, as, with our daily tending, she comes to fruition. This work is not hard, it is deliberate. It asks for us to pause each and every day, a little attention and energy paid to our deepest desires... it asks for us to be Women Inspired to Live this Life Deliberately ~ and this, we are.

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe."

~ Oprah Winfrey

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