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Summer Flow

I LOVE SUMMER! I have always LOVED SUMMER! I recently experienced my 35th last day of school. You see, I am a very happy teacher. I love my job, and I love my summers.

To me, Summer means freedom and sunshine, fresh fruit and bountiful garden vegetables, perfumes of herbs and of blooming flowers, farmers’ markets and lazy, hazy days. Summer is Joy. It is for family time at the cabin at the lake… paddling, swimming, playing and just going with the flow.

Summer means beauty and bounty and warm, starry nights. It means sleeping under those stars, many a good book and new adventures. Time spent outside, enticing each and every sense with pleasure… the crickets and the birds, the combination of watermelon and mint, the feel of sand-filled toes and the exploding aromas gifted by Mother Nature herself.

To me, Summer means honouring our connection to the Sun – the source of our Light – here we celebrate the fullness of that light, and it is here, in this season, that we raise our energy. Here, we regenerate abundance, as witnessed all around us, we manifest our dreams, and our intentions. Here we reflect on our growth, as it is here, in the summertime, the season of most light, that we are most present to ourselves. This season, the most powerful time for spiritual growth and healing.

We mirror Nature as we reach our collective hearts for the Sun, copying the flowers that abound. We tend to our hearts in this season, as we do our gardens. We water them by filling them with joy, we care for and nourish them, feeding them delicious whole foods from the Earth, and we watch ourselves flourish. Here in the Summer season, we can allow ourselves to leave behind our burdens, releasing what no longer serves, what is no longer needed to carry forward. We allow a cleansing and clearing here in Summertime, we invite in the Light… and we Flow ~


She walks naked into the water

Shedding all that encumbers her…

The clothes

The belief systems

The self-doubt and the body-bashing

The boxes that close her in, keep her small

The voices within that keep her quiet, fearful

And the armour that she no longer requires…

As the water envelops her body

She senses a lightness she has never before experienced

The weight she has carried, falling from her,

Shedding the burdens she has carried on her hips for longer than she remembers, longer than even she can know

And as the weight lifts

Her energy shifts

And she feels for the first time

A lightness from within

A remembrance of who she is

In flow with her heart, her womb, her river

And she basks there, naked, in the warmth of the sun and the water

Not knowing if the sparkles around her emanate from her

Or from the sun

But secretly, she understands…

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