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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

dearest daughters of the world...

I am sorry when you hurt.

When I was your age, you see, I felt exactly like you, I think. No, I know. I wasn't able to articulate it either. This feeling that we don't exactly belong, like we don't fit in… like everyone else is different from us. You see, I see me in you… and in this truth, comes knowledge and understandings. You are different, you are right. And that's what makes you so freaking wonderful… your different-ness. Don’t change it, don't wish it away, don't mold and shape yourself to be like the rest, to do as they do, to do as they say you should. You are different. This feeling you have is real. We have an essence running through us that is unconventional perhaps, … a wildness that is not meant to be tamed, that doesn't desire to be like everyone else, like society says we "should" be… you see. You are shaped like a Star and you are not meant to fit into any beige square holes. And as a Star, you have a responsibility to embrace and celebrate your SuperNova-ness – to Live it and Love it and Shine it as brightly as only You can. Because the alternative, my love, is all too familiar to you, and to me… and your Mama wishes so much more for you. The alternative – molding and shaping yourself to "fit in" – will be dimming your light – Your Star-light. You are not meant to be dim, my love, you are meant to shine as bright as the brightest star, and in doing so, healing any part of you that needs to heal. And Your healing will then radiate to heal those closest to you, which will then radiate to heal those closest to them, and on it goes, baby girl, doing Your part to raise the consciousness of humanity. Your light can reach many… but your dimness cannot. It is okay, my love, that you are feeling this way right now, as it is in these darker, messy times of breaking open, even a crack, that your light can shine through… there is no light where no cracks exist.

I know these times well. These times of discontent, of dis-ease, of discomfort. Times of making poor choices, choices that were not in my best interest, that didn't come from a place of self-respect, integrity, or alignment. All in order to better "fit in", to be more "acceptable and accepted". And I achieved this. But you see… I was not meant to "fit in", and the closer I got to what society deemed to be "right" and "good", the further I got from who I was at my core, at my essence – not that I was bad, I was just different. You see, honey, I was molding myself into an accepted standard… thus, dimming my light. I was, slowly but surely, chiseling the perfect points of my star-shaped brilliance to "fit in" to the square-shaped holes that I wanted so desperately to fit in to. Well, it worked - I fit in, for a very long time. My light dimmed, my essence and my truth hidden in the darkness, numbed out of existence. And that is okay, because little by little, as I have now begun to breathe life and love and truth back into every cell of my being… the points of my star are rebuilding, and I am relearning how to embrace and celebrate my Supernova. The thing is, I was never meant to be a square, baby, I was meant to be a Star, just like you.

I share this with you, my love, to let you know that it is okay to be a star in a world of squares – it is more than okay. But it is not the path of least resistance, this you must know. It is rocky and muddy, and messy, and stormy, and this can be really, really hard… but You know well what comes at the end of a storm, even in your young years. Beauty and clarity and sunshine and peace comes, my love, every single time… and each time it is better and more beautiful. I wish you a star-shaped life baby girls… I wish for you to shine like the freaking Supernova only You were meant to be.

All my love, Mama xo ~ on behalf of star-shaped mamas everywhere

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