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Surrender is ...

An act of Strength.



A choice.

This may go against everything that we believe, against what we have been taught. To us, surrender will feel like giving up, giving in, waving the white flag. And this indeed is what it is. It is a waving of the white flag, it is a giving in, a letting go… of all that we are trying to control. We believe that we can manage if we just hold on tighter, just hold closer our worries and our anxieties, often those things that are not even ours to hold, that are not even meant for us. That if we just keep this stuff in plain sight, then we can maintain control over it, hover over it, manage it all – when in fact, trying to maintain all of this just keeps us tied to those exact places and things and people we are trying to avoid. Surrender is a choice. Choosing worry and anxiety and overwhelm over things that are not in our grasp... is also a choice. And if you are like me, I can sometimes (too often) find myself living here. And this... is surely NOT Surrender. This is the opposite of Surrender. And as the saying goes... we are NOT in control, and the more we constrict, the more we close ourselves off, the more worry and burden we draw to ourselves.

Surrender is … the allowing for the flow of life, the floating peacefully in the cool fresh waters, rather than constantly struggling in those turbulent currents. Does this mean we have nothing to do? No responsibility here? The opposite is actually true. For there is deep intention in surrendering. There is much strength and purpose in the waving of our flag. For surrendering is an act of courage, a bold act of expanding to the Universe and all of her possibilities for our beautiful life. It is a surrendering to the Knowing that we don't have control over anything or anyone but ourselves. It is taking care of ourselves, doing the thing we know we must do to maintain our wellness, to fill our reserves – no matter what is happening around us. And much is happening around us. Our Practice is EVERYTHING. Those non-negotiables are everything. Surrender does not mean giving up in the face of adversity – it means instead, that we let go of the hold it has over us, on our body – we release our grip, but work with focused intention to release the stress it holds in us. How do we do this? With our practices. Our rituals. Our deliberate means of caring for ourselves, or filling our containers. For me, this looks like early to bed, early to rise. Time by myself in the morning with my pen and my journal, where I sit and write these very words. Movement of my body. And meditation. These are my non-negotiables, and it is a rare day that I will miss them... especially the writing. For another, it might be moving their body through a gentle yoga sequence, or taking a walk in nature at the break of dawn or at sunset. Another might need to dig her hands in the Earth, and yet another may have a bedtime ritual of cleansing, tea, and poetry. It doesn't matter the practice, it matters that we make the time to do it.

The more we Trust in the flow of life, the more expansive and fluid we feel, and the more joyful life becomes. Instead of fear, can we feel curious, can we wonder? Knowing that with all adversity comes growth and expansion, that with all death comes rebirth, that there is a beginning, middle and end to everything in life, and then the cycle begins again. Fear gets us nowhere. It stunts us, suffocates us, stops us in our tracks. What if what we are trying to stop, trying to control, is actually meant for our learning, for our growth, for the good of humanity, Mother Earth? What if the smoke rolled in last week just to remind us when it rolled back out just how beautiful the blue skies, sunshine and outlines of the mountains are? Just how incredible it feels to climb the mountain and take huge gulps of fresh air? Maybe we had forgotten. Maybe we were taking this beauty and clean air for granted. We sure took notice. It didn't feel good, it felt suffocating… in fact, much of this year has perhaps felt suffocating. When there is much chaos, disharmony, dis-ease in our lives – as we have certainly felt of late – we must Trust that there is more to it than what our minds can possibly know, or process… that this is the Universe at play, bringing order to what is out of alignment, bringing reminders of what we may have forgotten. Can we lean in? Can we trust? And can we work with heart-felt intention to keep ourselves well by maintaining our practices? I don't know about you, but I've sure needed those reserves lately, and I really notice when they're not there… there is no abundance in that place. Fear takes over. Fear, however, is useless in these places. Faith in a greater knowing, trust, intention... these are paramount. Can you be more intentional in your practices? What fills your reserves? Grab your journal and a pen... jot down your ideas. We'd love to hear them tomorrow night as we contemplate Fall Equinox and all that the transformation from Summer to Fall inspires in our lives. We would be so happy to have you join us :

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