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We Gotta Nourish to Flourish...

Choice. Life comes down to choice... in every situation and circumstance within our control, we have two. Even in the seemingly insignificant decisions, we have choice. Where we choose to spend our time and our energy, and with whom, is always a choice. And each and every choice we make has consequences, and good or bad, they are consequences just the same, whether we realize that we had an influence on them or not. One of the hardest realizations we have in life is that we are responsible for our actions and our behaviours, and each of these actions was originally a choice we made, big or small. It is so much easier to blame other people and circumstances for the things that don't work out the way we want them to in our lives, but the reality is, if it was within our control, we had a role and a responsibility in it... and a choice that was made. This can be a hard truth, and we don't always like it.

Find what nourishes you. Do that....

Does it nourish me? Does it fill me up? Does it bring me closer to living with intention, or further from it? These are the questions we want to be asking ourselves as we deliberately choose what we are saying YES to and what we are deliberately saying NO to. When we have an intention, that bull's eye view of where and how we want to be, what direction we want our life to take, the right choice becomes more clear to us, and practicing our discernment muscle becomes easier with each nourishing decision we make. JOMO is real - the JOY of Missing Out. I used to hate missing out on things, I was the most social social butterfly there was. If there was not an activity planned, I planned it. I had severe FOMO - FEAR of Missing Out. Add to that the everyday responsibilities that come with being a Mom, a wife, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, and trying to look good doing it all - as if life were effortless! My every minute was taken up with doing, distraction, diversion. There was never a thought to my well-being, never a thought to my nourishment or what consequences always saying YES might have on my life. Life ran me, often ragged. Now, instead, I choose JOMO when it feels nourishing for me. Checking in, knowing that what I really need right now is to not add anything else to my plate, I act on that, I choose that. This has taken some time - like 40 years of time! I've gotten better at listening to my gut and going with it. Women are busy as a rule, we really do have a lot of responsibility put on us... this is not a judgment or an opinion, just a fact of being a woman. As such, it is imperative that we choose our actions wisely and deliberately, and choosing JOMO is a courageous act in choosing US, in choosing to listen to our gut, our instinct, our own heart-strengthening that Inner Knowing muscle... that one that gets stronger each time we choose deliberately in honour of our priorities, each time we choose the action that will bring us one step closer to our intention.

And so... I deliberately say YES when it feels right when it feels nourishing and abundant and joyful. And I deliberately say NO when it doesn't. And when I make the wrong choice, as I do, and it takes me away from living deliberately in some way, I reflect on my original choice, noticing how it has played out, and I self-correct... learning as I go, strengthening my instincts, my intuition each time, and choosing better. More intentionally, more deliberately... so as to live this life as the courageous, WIL²D woman I choose to live as... committed to creating a WIL²D life for this beautiful community of courageous, WIL²D women also choosing better, more intentionally, and more deliberately.

As I say to my daughters when they have a (tough) decision to make. What do YOU want? What feels right for YOU? Not what do you feel you should do, or what those around you want you to do, what is the right decision for YOU, in this moment? That one... listen to that one. It comes from your heart, from that place of Knowing within you. That's the one to choose, with Joy.

Does it nourish you? Making small intentional choices daily leads to a big, bold intentional life lived. Choose well.

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