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Why WiL²D?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Women Inspired to Live Life Deliberately

WiL²D came to me a couple of years ago, as inspiration often does, while spending time in nature. I remember thinking: this is a beautiful idea ~ this idea of like-minded women coming together, each choosing to live their lives on purpose… choosing to be their best selves, to create their best lives. What would this look like? It would look like choosing activities that added to their energy well, as opposed to sapping it dry, choosing to spend time with people that made them feel alive and valued, choosing to care for themselves first, knowing that this was the most loving choice both for them and for their loved ones.

My life has been blessed with many beautiful, loving, supportive women – I feel that a circle of love surrounds me at all times, no matter what life may throw my way. I've experienced a few good storms, always to feel this circle of love encompassing me, holding space for me, embracing me, and supporting me. How lucky am I?

Enter Terry-Lynn. I crossed paths with this beautiful soul about a year and a half ago. I was immediately drawn to her, as we are to strong, smart, confident women. She spoke my language. The more time we spent together, the more we realized we had in common. In one such sacred conversation, we shared our hopes and desires of inspiring and empowering more women, like us, to live their lives more thoughtfully, more deliberately, with more meaning. Alas, WiL²D was born.

WiL²D was created with the intention of sharing our ideas of what it might look like for more women to choose to live in this way. A carefully curated collection of practices and ways of being that enable us to cut through distraction, stress and “urgency” from the demands of our world allowing us to get clear on what really matters. We have endeavoured to create something beautiful that will inspire, and empower, other women to live in such a way… a way in which she knows that she is valued and powerful beyond her wildest dreams, loved and supported by a beautiful circle of other WiL²D women, free to choose always in favour of love and purpose.

Through much self-reflection and conversation, we have distilled what practices we personally engage in, daily, that allow us to live our own lives with clarity, calm and purpose. We are honored to share the rituals we each put into practice in our own lives.We have outlined the most powerful daily actions that work to recharge us, and how to eliminate those which drain us. This work encompasses how we choose to engage the world, and with whom… From this inquiry we begin to see with great clarity the behaviours that serve us, and the behaviours that do not. We are able to cultivate and deepen the relationships that nourish us. We are grateful beyond measure for the life this dedicated work has created for ourselves. It is from this place that we share what we are learning about living deliberately. We are excited to bring our offerings to our community to create community with other like-minded women. Join us in our quest to live our lives deliberately...

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