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WiL²D in Yoga

I've been experiencing a beautiful Flow Yoga practice of late... feeling strong and healthy again! As I flow through some of these beautiful poses, and struggle relentlessly through others, I wonder... why do I resist certain poses? why do I dread them, and find so much discomfort in them? For me, it is the Eagle, the Crow, the Camel, and the Pigeon. Why?

As I stretched and moved my body into these poses this morning, I reflected on this why. Is it because they are unknown to me, uncomfortable in my body? I revel in the comfortable, complacent poses, the ones that I can reach with ease, the ones that best show my skill, my flexibility ~ my strength and my grace. However, here I find no learning, no growth. These are the poses I can achieve without fail, the ones I won't look or feel awkward in, the ones that I know I will not fall out of, or not be able to easily accomplish. But, as in life ~ this is not where the learning lives, this is not where the growth lies, this is not where we learn who we truly are or how brightly we will or can truly shine... this, we learn in the attempts, albeit often failed. This, we discover when we show up on our mat the next day, and we attempt them again. What beautiful emotions might be released as I stretch and open further into Pigeon pose? What can I learn about finding more balance in my life as I struggle to retain focus in Eagle? What strength of character will I build as I fall out of Crow, until I don't? And what might I discover about myself, about my truth, and about what I have to say, if I can be as vulnerably exposed as I feel in Camel pose? This is living a WiL²D life to me - a life lived with deliberate intent to learn and grow and show up again and again, despite mistakes, flaws, failures, and discomfort. In order to show up for our life, we must stretch, soar, balance and shine in yoga, and in life.

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