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in this moment, living deliberately.

to share the practices and rituals that have resulted in powerfully aligning our daily lives with our deepest values...



sharing & connecting...

to inspire women to remember and re-connect: to ourSelves, to each other, to nature... building a community where we are each seen, heard, and inspired to live deliberately...



powerful clarity through purposeful connection...

you will leave the gatherings with clarity and practices to live life in alignment with YOUR priorities... nothing to fix... nothing to do... together we will be human "beings" rather than human "doings." We promise to actively protect this space to ensure that it is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all folx.

No upcoming events at the moment


...a life deeply aligned with your dreams, your values and your priorities? 

  • YOU… yes YOU!  We want YOU to live an inspired, beautiful life, right here, right now...

  • Why are we, as women, so often ruled by our distractions, demands, endless to-do lists? Is there another way?

  • We came to the realization that living a deliberate, beautiful life had nothing to do with how well we executed our daily tasks and everything to do with remembering our deepest priorities... We needed a de-cluttering of debris, distraction, and disconnection so that we could realign, remember, and reconnect to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us.

  • “You take care of everyone else, but who takes care of you?” This is your one and only precious life, are you living the life you dreamed of living when you were a little girl?

  • We gather women together to set our to-do lists on FIRE and to inspire each other to live the lives we were born to live!

After years of trying to keep up with the frantic pace of modern life, we knew it was time to challenge the disconnection caused by the unrelenting "busyness" we were experiencing and get clear on our priorities FIRST… in other words, to live deliberately. We created WiL²D to share this journey with as many women possible so that we can support, connect, and inspire each other to live life aligned with our deepest values and priorities... thus expanding the circle of women choosing to remember and reconnect to who they were born to be... committed to living an empowered life, creating an empowered, just, and equitable community... Showing up fully for ourselves, for each other, and for our natural world...

Join Us! At our next Gathering (November 14, 2020) to be inspired to live this one and only precious life deliberately! Save your spot at our next Gathering (yes, it's via Zoom so you can stay safe)! Click the button below to join us... 


  • we are all born whole, nothing to fix

  • there is POWER when we gather together to re-connect to ourselves, each other & nature to live the lives we were born to live

  • deliberate practices, intentional rituals, the rhythms of nature reveal a  pathway to an inspired life, a beautiful life

We want connection for every woman...

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“I allow myself to be held and supported by my constellation of sisters both those I know and those I have never met. When I rise, they rise alongside me. When they rise, I rise alongside them.” Rebecca Campbell

Lori and Terry-Lynn realized how powerful and grateful they are to be surrounded by a group of women who inspire them to show up fully as who they are. They come away from hangouts, coffees, dinners, yoga sessions and weekends away empowered, inspired and encouraged to live fully, deliberately. They have experienced firsthand what it is to be seen, heard and accepted exactly as they are with nothing to “fix” and they want more. They want that kind of experience for all women. And so they have set out to recreate this circle and the sacred conversations that seem to flow so naturally from there. Hence, WILD was born. It is their deepest hope that all women can experience the depth of connection, clarity and commitment that results in allowing the essence and the wholeness of who we really are to be seen and celebrated. Together we are strong and we never have to walk alone. We are grateful for every woman who has inspired this work along the way.


speakers, teachers, curious.

We partnered to share and to continue to learn about living life deliberately.